Control starts with visibility

The Mini is the simplest way to get a clear picture of your money…
and it’s only $90 bucks


The problem with most
financial planning is that...


It’s overwhelming


It’s intrusive


It’s biased

But fear no more!


This baby breaks it down for you

Down to the pieces! The Mini starts with a form that is so simple and so zen that it is not going to feel like financial planning.

Then, we take care of you

We’ve mastered this work session to make a soothing, yet empowering experience.


Then… you’re on your way!

The understanding you gain about your money will help you start navigating your way to wealth. But, the journey is long, so don’t do it alone! Come along with us.

Our product

Notice the sequence, and notice how it isn’t more complicated than 1-2-3. Your entire journey - from here to wealth - in three clear steps you can take at your own pace