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Feel great about your money. The Untangle MINI is the simplest way to get clear mental models of your money… and it’s only $499, one-time

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The Untangle MINI

In a one-on-one, virtual session with our financial expert, you will:

  • Learn the 2 numbers you need to focus on to manage your money

  • See how inflation impacts your money

  • Balance your risks today with your future risks

  • Get a personalized digital PDF takeaway summarizing the scenarios that we covered in your session


Get The Untangle Mini

The best place to get started with your money


You'll walk away with more confidence knowing:

1.  Where to start, we'll tell you where you are, where you're going, and how you're going to get there.

2. What you can afford to spend, for every hour that you work. This lets you decide how many hours you want to work to buy something - no judgement.

3. How much you need to be investing each month for your chosen retirement.

To solve the gap, start here

Our financial planner is so simple that it deserves to be called MINI. Engineered for the right amount of insight, this planner will set the foundations for you to develop an entirely new relationship with your own money.

one -time

Untangle Mini


This is why taking The MINI is a no-brainer


We refuse to sell anything that isn’t unbiased advice

Because we refuse to sell financial products (like some financial planners or banks) we can say with confidence that our guidance is free of conflict-of-interest. Our business advisors call us crazy. We call ourselves determined.

We don’t judge you

We’ve been there - and so has every member of our community. The Untangle MINI is optimized to provide the right level of advice without digging into your personal life.


We don’t confuse you

We’ve made finances simple to understand. Our product has an unbeatable user experience.

Priced for all

Yes! We also noticed $499 is a low compared to other unbiased financial plans ($2,500 on average).

We’re investing a major effort to keep prices low because we believe in our cause - to empower you! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get a start.

Want to join us before buying?

We get it! Great things take time.

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