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Untangle MINI



Learn the foundations of your financial plan. When you understand how your money today and your money tomorrow are related, you will make better choices for yourself, which leads to more options for you in the future.


We break down the money that comes into your bank account into 5 different buckets. We calculate what you need for retirement based on the money you currently spend before you've even gotten out of bed (your personal cost of living). And we show you how much you can afford to put away for retirement each month.


We then start changing the assumptions we use in the model and show you how each one impacts you personally.


We do all of this while using assumptions that reflect a female financial life.  This means our predictions will be more conservative than other financial plans that you find on the market today.

Untangle MINI

  • You'll walk away with 2 easy to remember metrics that help you spend and invest with confidence. You'll know how much you can spend for every hour that you work, and what you need to put away into investments each month to reach your retirement goal.


    During your one hour session, Kristine will explain your budget breakdown, why we make the assumptions we've made and how that gets projected into your future savings.


    Through this interactive session, you’ll instantly SEE how various changes affect YOUR personal financial situation NOW and in the FUTURE. Which shows you how they are linked.


    You'll get a graphical summary of the scenarios we reviewed.

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