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Untangle MINI AUTO



Find out if you're on track and get a clear path forward.


You'll walk away with your two most important money metrics: 1. what you can afford, and 2. what you need to put away each month for your chosen future. Pay once, and get access to your numbers all year.



When you understand how your money today and your money tomorrow are related, you will make better choices for yourself, which leads to more options for you in the future.


We show you where the money coming into your bank account goes, and how much is left over. We calculate what you need for retirement based on the money you currently spend before you've even gotten out of bed (your cost of living). And we show you how much you can afford to put away for retirement each month.


You'll then see how different scenarios impact your future money. For instance, what happens if you get your money working harder for you? Should you focus on paying down debt, or on investing your money?


Importantly, you get all your learning, and takeaways, from a tool that uses assumptions that reflect a woman's financial life.  This means you'll be setting yourself up for success. (This also means that our predictions will be more conservative than other financial plans on the market today).

Untangle MINI AUTO

C$149.00 Regular Price
C$89.40Sale Price
September 1st, 2024
  • You'll walk away with 2 easy-to-remember metrics that help you spend & invest confidently. You'll know how much you can spend, for every hour you work, and what you need to invest each month to reach your retirement goal.

    Throughout your journey, you'll interact with your money, and the various choices you could make, and you’ll be able to see the different futures your choices lead to.

    You'll have access to your dashboard, your saved scenarios, and all the learning modules for the entire year.

    And because we believe it should be your choice, we will ask you before the end of the year, if you would like to renew your subscription for the next year.

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