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What We Do

Kristine Beese 
Founder & CEO

Kristine has an MBA in Finance and spent 10 years in the finance industry helping institutional investors allocate funds in public equities. She also helped manage money for accredited investors at a value investing fund. She is a P. Eng. and is actively pursuing her Certified Financial Planner (CFP) designation.


Best Fintech Pilot by a For-profit Organisation
2023 R
unner-up: Untangle Money

The Current Financial System
Does Not Work For Women

We want to get an effective financial plan into the hands of 1 million Canadian women in the next four years. 


Our courses give women greater control over their ‘now money’ and helps them plan for a greater amount of ‘future money.’

This is particularly important because of the wage gap between men and women, earnings expectations and the reality of women's longer retirements. It has created a huge wealth gap between retired men and women, where about 40% of women live at or below the poverty line in retirement.

Untangle Money focuses on the everyday middle-income woman - her goals, concerns and achievements. Unlike the traditional advisors and wealth management companies that focus on clients with investable assets of $500k+, Untangle Money focuses on you - just the way you are.

We will help you understand all the important aspects of your financial journey so you can always make the best decisions for you.

In 2020, for every 1 dollar men have in
Net Wealth women have only
32 cents.


This was the subject of the 2010 book Shortchanged, by Harvard Professor Mariko Lin Chang. You can also read more about this at:

Women hit peak earning well before men do, and at a much lower level.

Source: Ellevest
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