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Our Products

Designed to let you have as much, or as little, hands-on guidance as you like.

Untangle Money has 3 Financial Planning products active or under development.

Untangle MINI
Designed for anyone who feels unsure about where their savings are headed, struggles with managing their finances or has anxiety when it comes to how to handle their money.
  • Entry level product

  • An hour of time with our financial expert


  1. Fill in details about your savings, pension, debts, and expenses.

  2. Financial consultant will analyze your information.

  3. Schedule a call to work together and craft your personalized financial plan.

Untangle MAXI
After completing your Untangle MINI, the Untangle MAXI is the optimal choice to further advance in your financial journey and embrace life's significant changes!
  • Personalized help to map out various significant life-events

  • how you can get started with investing

  • two extra sessions at any time with our financial expert

Untangle MINI - AUTO
Automated self-serve app lets you do all the tinkering with variables.

In Development
Launching October 2024

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