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Bring Untangle Money to Your Organization & Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Employees by helping them manage their finances.

Discover various ways to invest in your female-oriented workforce:

Untangle MINI Product Offering:

Provide your employees with our star product, Untangle MINI. We assist them in creating personalized financial plans for effective financial management.

Enjoy special discounts for large employee sets and multi-year access.

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Financial Wellness Program Integration

Enrich your Professional Development programming by incorporating Untangle Money's Financial Wellness Program, fostering financial literacy.

Includes combinations of seminars, tutorials and Untangle MINIs for participants.


Educational Seminars

Immerse your team in our seminars, covering essential topics like inflation, retirement planning, budget methodology, and the distinctions between investing and speculation.

Award-winning seminars that audiences are still talking about years later.

How Does Your Company Benefit? By investing in Untangle Money's products and programs, organizations have reported a 30% reduction in financial anxiety among employees. A more relaxed workforce translates to increased confidence, focus, and motivation both personally and professionally, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

Empower your organization and support your employees' financial well-being with Untangle Money. It's a win-win for everyone!

"This Untangle Money delivers an incredible financial literacy and wellness program. I wish their eye-opening seminars were available when I was a young professional.


If you are looking to create an atmosphere where the women at your firm feel seen, engaged, and empowered, Untangle Money is an excellent option and a great source of valuable continuing education."

- Kathleen Taylor

Chair of Sick Kids & Altas

Former Chair of RBC

Former CEO Four Seasons

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Overview of Financial Wellness Progam

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Bring Untangle to Your Organization

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