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Bring Untangle Money to Your Organization & Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Employees

Add Us To Your Employee

Benefits Program

Provide Ongoing Financial Planning.

You can have a material impact on the lives of the women who work with you.

There are several ways Untangle can to help your employees.

Invest In Your Employees’ Future

Providing Untangle MINIs for employees helps them set up for financial success by improving financial literacy and building strong financial habits. People are continually experiencing significant life events that require a financial plan tweak - and you can help your people keep on track with annual ongoing access for this purpose.

Discounts for large employee sets and multi-year access.

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Keep Your Employees Focused and Confident

Adding Untangle Money’s Financial Wellness Program as part of a PD program helps ensure that women, who are growing and developing with the firm, are not silently struggling with financial anxiety, women’s #1 self-reported source of stress.

Includes combinations of seminars and Untangle MINIs for participants.


Keep Your Employees Motivated

We can help energize your people. We talk to all genders about their personal finances, providing education on the foundations of finance, pointing out particilarly where the existing model doesn’t work for everyone. Our seminars are so good, they’ve even given us awards!

Reward Your Employees With Something Meaningful


Just say ‘No’ to pinkwashing. As part of your efforts around National Literacy Month and/or International Women's Day, offer Untangle MINIs as incentives or gifts to really demonstrate your commitment. We can even set up a co-branded portal on our site for your organization to really empower your CSR efforts.

Overview of Financial Wellness Progam

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Bring Untangle to Your Organization

Thanks for reaching out to us!

Your vision of a more equitable future is applauded.

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