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Untangle MAXI
The MAXI starts with the MINI, so you get all those same great benefits, like looking at where you are today and projecting your future, considering how your budget changes over time and through different phases of your life.
The MAXI looks at many more possibilities about how your money changes, like if you:
- want to have a baby
- want to change jobs
- want to change your relationship status
- want to make a major purchase
- want to go (back?) to school
You get the same great information, the 2 easy-to-remember metrics that help you spend and invest with confidence and you get it for each phase of your life. 
What questions does the MAXI session answer?
1. How do my goals fit into my financial life?
2. Can I afford my grand master plan (because life comes at you fast, you always need to re-evaluate and configure how it all fits together).

Untangle MAXI

  • In addition to the information we need for the MINI we get more detailed information around where your investments and savings are currently held (in TFSAs or RRSP, for example), how much headroom you have in them, the estimated cost of the adventure you want to embark upon and the ideal timing of that adventure.

  • Learn the foundations of your financial plan.
    When you understand how your money today and your money tomorrow are related, you will make better choices for yourself, which leads to more and better options for you in the future.
    We break down the money that comes into your bank account into different buckets.

    • We calculate what you need for retirement based on the money you currently spend before you're even out of bed (your personal cost of living).
    • We show you how much you can afford to put away for retirement each month.
    • We then start changing the assumptions we use in the model and show you how each one impacts you personally. Armed with this foundational knowledge...
    • We can then start layering on a variety of twists and turns that your life may take.
    • We do all of this while using assumptions that reflect a female financial life.  This means our predictions will be more conservative than other financial plans that you find on the market today.
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