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When should I get a financial plan? [PART 2]

Last week we discussed when you should get a financial plan [part 1]. The short answer to that is right now. But today we're going to discuss why you should get a financial plan at different stages in your life.

So you know from reading last week's blog post that the best time to get started on a financial plan is now, but there are also lots of times big (or small!) life changes could be an awesome time to build your plan, or update the one you currently have. Of course, all of our lives will look different and some of these moments may or may not apply to your individual situation, but we wanted to take the opportunity to let you know times in your life you should definitely be thinking about financial planning! Remember, starting a financial plan can help you to set realistic goals for yourself, and figure out the right plan for you to achieve them without the stress. Keep reading below to find out!