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Thinking Before Buying: Rewarding Not Boring!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Prologue: Thinking before buying (TBB) is a skill that can benefit everybody. Karen discusses her work teaching it to children so that they can maintain the practice throughout their lives.

Karen Holland is the Founder of We asked her to discuss some of the tactics she employs in her popular in-classroom interactive workshops, where kids learn how to think before they buy. Apparently, she convinces them that thinking before buying is a powerful and rewarding life skill!

Near the end of a typical Gifting Sense workshop, I’ll ask the kids attending how you win a hockey, basketball, baseball, or football game. “By scoring more than the other team” is the typical response. I then dig a little deeper and ask if there is more than one way to “...score more than the other team” because of course to win at most team sports, you must both scor