Gain financial confidence and achieve your goals with a financial plan

Created by women, for women


We don't tell you how to spend your money - that's up to you. We simplify budgets and connect them to your future.  

Our tools will show you how your choices today could impact your future financial journey.


Some advisors make their money by selling products such as loans, insurance, or investments.

Not us - we earn our money by teaching you what you need to know to be in control.

Built for women

Women's financial lives are different than men's. Our financial projections take into account this reality:

pay gap, the "pink tax", career sabbaticals, and longer lifespans.  We want to help close your wealth gap.

Wealth gap?  It's more like a wealth chasm

Only 31% of Canadian women feel confident in managing their money in comparison to 49% of Canadian men

You're not alone. There is a wealth gap:  
for every $1 a man has in wealth, a woman has only 32 cents.

Personal finance doesn't have to be hard - you probably know more than you think you do.  By working through your personal financial plan with us, you'll receive financial guidance, mentorship and support.

Imagine how thankful 'future you' will be that you took control of your finances today!


Consider it relationship counselling for you and your money

Your goals come first

Our focus is on helping you to achieve your best life now - and in the future. We help illustrate the trade-offs between money today and money tomorrow so you can make the best choices.

We look out for you

Our financial models help you set realistic goals and help make sure you're not caught unprepared in the future.  We don't sell other products - we offer honest, direct guidance that's best for your situation.

We empower you

How you manage your finances will be as unique as you are!  We'll ensure you understand the fundamentals of personal finance and feel confident.  We can help whether you choose to DIY or work with other professionals (in fact, sometimes we recommend it!)


"I felt a lot of pressure to save up for and buy a house, but talking with the Untangle team helped me realize that this isn't the only option.  It's not a race and I can still be okay when I'm old."

| Alex C. |

Get rich in knowledge quick

Our Approach



Pick a Plan

Collect your numbers

Pick a goal or level of support that makes sense to you.

We'll provide guidance on some summary numbers to have handy (e.g., after-tax income, savings, monthly bills, etc).


Schedule a time

Set-up a time that works for you to connect with our team.

Untangle your money


Talking about money shouldn't be harder than earning it



A quick financial 'health check'

Calculated retirement number

Calculated monthly budget

20 min call to discuss your financial health snapshot


Money Planning Session

Invest in your knowledge

Calculated retirement number

Calculated monthly budget

60 min call for financial guidance and education on your situation


Untangle Plan

Our full 'masterclass' for your money

Personalized retirement number

Custom monthly budget

40 min call to discuss your financial health snapshot

45 min call to discuss your financial goals

Summary financial plan document

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At Untangle Money, our mission is to help women understand their money, take control of it, gain financial confidence, and take action on their financial planning.