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Your new financial chapter starts here.

You have unique needs when it comes to your money.
We help you understand how to fulfil them.


So many products are built for men. Not us.

The Untangle MINI is your personalized financial plan.  While anyone can use the it, it has been specifically designed for females and fems.

A financial plan is the first step when it comes to your money. Importantly, it tells you:

  1. Where you are

  2. Where you're going and

  3. How you are going to get there.

This is the best way to make decisions for yourself today and tomorrow. What kind of retirement do I want? How will I pay for it? What are the trade-offs?


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Why Women & a walkthrough:


Do you feel like there are too many financial products?

Do you wonder if you can trust them?

Are you uncertain about what you can afford?

Are you worried about your retirement savings?

Your Untangle MINI gives you:


Relief in knowing where to start. And you can trust us because we don't sell you anything else.

Confidence in knowing what you can afford to spend.

Security in knowing how much you need to be investing each month for your retirement.




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Our product

Feel great about your money in 3 steps:


Purchase online


Gather your numbers


Book time for your Untangle MINI

Notice the sequence, and notice how it isn’t more complicated than 1-2-3. Your entire journey - from here to wealth - in three clear steps you can take at your own pace

The best place to start to understand your money


I’m not sure you realize how much of an impact this has had on me, and how much you’ve helped me.

| Anna L. |

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