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It’s a man’s world.


For as long as anyone can remember, our society has operated with male-dominated roles.
Men take care of business, women keep the home.
Sound familiar?

Time to flip the switch.

Let’s throw that notion back where it belongs - the dark ages.


It’s time for women to take control of their finances, to be comfortable talking about money, and to be confident about their financial futures.


It’s time to untangle your money.


Untangle your money. 

Money can be really hard. It can be the difference between feeling in control, and feeling like you're not on track. We have created a new way to understand your money that is tailored for women. We will help you see your big picture, and help answer questions you have, like "Will I be OK?" or "Can I Afford...". Let's get back to feeling in control, and feeling like the tools you use are actually going to help you get there.




Actionable information that makes sense for your personal financial journey


Interact with your now money and future money to understand your financial decisions


Go deeper and learn more


"The Untangle Money team really helped me understand my now money and my future money. I know that I need to ramp up my saving to be ok for retirement. Thanks for all your help!"

| Alex C. |

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