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Financial planning is not gender-neutral.

Our plans are designed for you.

Untangle Money helps everyday Canadian women create financial plans that are unbiased and easy to understand. This helps you make the best decisions for yourself.


We’ve redesigned Financial Planning to make it 100% women-focused.

We account for . Realities not built into traditional financial planning. Things like babies. Earnings inequality. Longer retirements due to increased longevity.

These realities have an impact on how, when and where we have to invest and save differently, in order to continue to enjoy the lifestyle we want and fund the retirement we’ll eventually have.

Even better, our guidance is never tainted by trying to sell you additional financial products or services - it’s just a “‘what currently works best for you” engagement.

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The World Economic Forum has stated:

“Planning for retirement should look different for women and men given the different life cycles. If women follow the same retirement plan as men, they will fall short in retirement. 


Retirement system providers should target women differently, give women confidence to handle their finances and consider different, perhaps riskier, investment strategies.


Employers should review their benefits systems through a gender lens, to ensure options and communications meet the needs of both sexes.”


Our Products

Untangle Money has 3 Financial Planning products active or under development.

Untangle MINI

This is our entry level product that gives you access to our planning algorithm, and some real live in-person help in setting up the parameters AND an hour with a Financial Planner to talk about your financial circumstances, goals, expectations and learning some basics about how money and investing works. Financial Planners typically charge thousands for this service, so this is a significant savings for doing a little of the work yourself.


Watch the Untangle MINI Process Walkthrough:

Untangle MAXI

This is an advanced product for people with more complicated or evolving needs. You get everything from Untangled MINI PLUS we help you map out various significant life-events, like having a baby, changing relationship status, changing jobs or buying a home. We also provide simple next steps for how you can get started with investing. We also provide two extra sessions with a Financial Planner whenever you want them, so you can have a bit of professional guidance when big things happen in your life.

Untangle AUTO

We’re also working on a self-serve app that provides all the same tools as the other two products, but lets you proceed at your own pace, with a little online help from us. Check in annually to see your progress and take advantage of automated notifications for significant financial events.


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