We give women
control of their money

For every $1 a man has in wealth, a woman has 32 cents.

31% of Canadian women feel confident in managing their money.
Let's grow that percentage!

You deserve better financial solutions. 

Understand how the choices you make today with your NOW money
will affect your FUTURE money.

Untangle Money helps you discover your financial side.

WE are



Women's financial lives are different than men's. Our financial projections take into account this reality.



How you spend your money is up to you. We aim to give you enough information to figure out what you want to spend your money on.



Our tools will show you how your choices today could impact your future financial journey. We create big bucket budgets and connect them to your future. 



In our space women can learn about their money and how to use it well. Where women can get good, advice without getting sold a financial product.

Created by women, for women

After receiving the advice given to me through the Mini, I was able to get a much better outlook on how I should be allocating my money. Previously, I've used retirement calculators before and had a good idea as to how much I should be putting away for retirement, but I somehow never followed the "plan" that was set before me. I think this is partially because I thought I didn't have the income to do so, but mostly because I didn't understand the numbers and how this would affect me in the future. Once I experienced the mini, I found that my retirement and savings really are achievable goals and I even should have enough flex money to still enjoy a regular life. I now have made a plan for each of my paychecks so I can easily afford future purchases/debts, while still saving for a comfortable retirement and still living an eventful life. I honestly can't wait to see my money grow!

| Janet B. |

Talking about money shouldn't be harder than earning it



A quick financial 'health check'

Calculated retirement number

Calculated monthly budget

Understand the impact of a $100 increase to your cost of living

40 min call to discuss your financial health snapshot


Money Planning Session

Invest in your knowledge

Everything from the 'Mini'


60 min call to ask questions and get financial guidance and education specific to your situation


Corporate Webinar

Education for female employees

We support Diversity, Equity & Inclusion programs, and Employee Resource Groups, through education, guided discussion, and practical advice on women's financial realities

Our founder, Kristine, will provide a live webinar to your employees on "Money Foundations"

Women and men have different financial lives - learn why

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Get rich in knowledge quick

Our Approach






Pick a Plan

Collect your numbers

Schedule a time

Learn your money

Pick a goal or level

of support that

makes sense to you.

We'll provide guidance

on some summary numbers to have handy

(e.g., after-tax income, savings, monthly bills, etc).

Set-up a time that

works for you to

connect with our team.

Get insights that help

you create mental

models to align your

day-to-day spending with your long-term goals.

Untangle your money

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At Untangle Money, our mission is to help women understand their money,

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