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Get Your Financial Health Check-up!

Created for everyday Canadian women and their partners

Discover your financial health metrics, easily learn what strategies to implement, and learn how to make the best financial decisions for yourself.


Unlock your financial potential
with Untangle Money!


Will I be okay and what can I afford??


Let us help you understand where you are now, and where you're heading, financially.

Let us guide you in creating a Life Happens Fund.

Let us teach you what you can afford for every hour that you work. This helps you get the most joy from your money.

Let us help you understand what you need from your Future Money.


We'll develop a strategy that leaves you feeling calm, because you know you'll be okay in the future.

Let us show you a clear path forward. 


Let us teach you how much you need to invest, and what to invest in, leaving you relieved, while ensuring your money is in the right place (for you).

" I’m not sure you realize how much of an impact this has had on me, and how much you’ve helped me. "

Anna L.

How It Works

After deciding which product works best for you, follow these steps:


Purchase online


Fill in & submit your number


Schedule a session

Keep in mind that we don't manage your investments; our focus is on assisting you in building your customized financial plan! Click here to learn more about our products

Untangle Money Products

Untangle Money has 3 financial decision-making products, active, or under development.

Untangle MINI

Experience the simplicity of the Untangle MINI. This is your financial health checkup. It is designed for anyone who feels unsure about their money.


If you are struggling with managing your finances or you feel anxious that you're not sure you're doing the 'right thing' with your money, the Untangle MINI is the product for you.


Once you make a purchase, you'll receive an email with the first step of your Untangle MINI: filling in a few details about your savings, pension, debts, and expenses.

When you are ready: schedule a call to work with your consultant and craft your personalized financial plan.


During your 1-on-1 session, your dedicated expert will ensure your financial success. You will learn the basics of how money and investing work for your money.

We're here to make sure you feel set up for success, and we'll keep working with you until you get there.

Money Back Guarenteed

Untangle MAXI
Untangle MINI AUTO

Starting with your Untangle MINI, the Untangle MAXI is the optimal choice if you have a significant life change on the horizon!

Perfect for moments with more moving pieces, such as welcoming a new baby, experiencing a change in your relationship status, switching jobs, and making a large purchase like buying a car or house.


This complete product combines the Untangle MINI with 3-4 additional sessions with your financial expert.


Beyond creating your financial plan, these sessions offer clear steps to kickstart your investment journey.


Tailored for those navigating more intricate financial circumstances, the Untangle MAXI is your advanced solution. 

This is our game-changer. This is how we move the dial for women, and couples, at scale.


The Untangle MINI AUTO is our self-serve web app that provides all the same tools as our Untangle MINI.


Except: you don't need to tell anyone your money numbers, you can be in your jammies, working through your journey on your own time, while still getting the answers to your questions of, "What can I afford?" and,  "What do I need to do with my money to be okay?".


Designed to be your financial campus, you can check in with your money dashboard and see your progress.



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$149  coming soon

Remember the average independent Financial Planners typically charges $2,500 - $3,500 to create a financial plan.


The Untangle MINI offers significant savings because we are focused on creating our automated solution so that more people can benefit from the clarity and relief that comes from knowing what to do with your money.

If your head is nodding right now, then you need to check out our revolutionary Untangle MINI financial health check-up.

Fancy a sneak peak?

You can see a walkthrough of the Untangle MINI in this video.

Ready To Take Your First Step Towards Financial Freedom?

Schedule a free personalized 15-minute call with us.
Whether you have specific goals or want to explore your options, our team is here to help!

The World Economic Forum stated:

Planning for retirement should look different for women and men given the different life cycles.

If women follow the same retirement plan as men, they will fall short in retirement. 


Retirement system providers should target women differently, give women the confidence to handle their finances and consider different, perhaps riskier, investment strategies.


Employers should review their benefits systems through a gender lens, to ensure options and communications meet the needs of both sexes.


Designed by women, for women

At Untangle Money we are committed to providing guidance solely based on what works best for you, this is a safe space free from any pressure to buy additional financial products or services.

Our approach incorporates women-specific factors often neglected in traditional plans, including pay gap differences, caregiving responsibilities, and longer retirements due to increased life expectancy.

These considerations shape what we teach you about your Now Money and your Future Money, they shape our assumptions, and they shape our recommendations on when and how to invest and save.

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