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You are at a disadvantage when it comes to money.
But don’t worry, we will show you how to close the gap.


Women are at a social and systemic disadvantage when it comes to money. 
We’re so passionate about this problem that we’ve become experts at it and we’re now showing women the way forward.

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To solve the gap, start here

Our financial planner is so simple that it deserved to be called The Mini. Engineered for the right amount of insight, this planner will set the foundations to developed a completely new relationship with your own money.


This is why taking The Mini is a no-brainer


We refuse to sell anything that isn’t unbiased advice

Because we refuse to sell financial products (like some financial planners or banks) we can say with confidence that our advice is free of conflict-of-interest. Our business advisors call us crazy. We call ourselves determined.

We don’t judge you

We’ve been there - and so has every member of our community. Our product is optimized to provide the right level of advice without digging into your personal life.


We don’t confuse you

We’ve made finances crazy-simple to understand. Our product has an unbeatable user experience. Some call us the Noom of finances.

We do it together

We believe this problem requires everyone to be on-board. That’s why we’re a diverse company and a diverse community built for women.


You're welcome!

Yes! We also noticed $150 is a very low price. We’re investing a major effort to keep prices low because we believe in our cause - to empower you! We want to make it as easy as possible for you to get a start

They trust us


They are speaking about us

After receiving the advice given to me through the Mini, I was able to get a much better outlook on how I should be allocating my money. Previously, I've used retirement calculators before and had a good idea as to how much I should be putting away for retirement, but I somehow never followed the "plan" that was set before me. I think this is partially because I thought I didn't have the income to do so, but mostly because I didn't understand the numbers and how this would affect me in the future.


Once I experienced the mini, I found that my retirement and savings really are achievable goals and I even should have enough flex money to still enjoy a regular life. I now have made a plan for each of my paychecks so I can easily afford future purchases/debts, while still saving for a comfortable retirement and still living an eventful life. I honestly can't wait to see my money grow!

| Emily B. |


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