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The Impact of COVID-19 On Women

The COVID-19 pandemic has had immense impacts on people all over the world, and has affected groups of people differently. We're here to discuss how these impacts of the pandemic have been amplified for women and girls more deeply, simply because of their gender.

The Gendered Effects of COVID-19

This past week marked the one year anniversary of WHO officially declaring COVID-19 a pandemic, as well as entering into the first lockdown. When COVID-19 hit, the world stopped. Countries all over the world started to shut down as we all went into lockdown - something a lot of us never imagined in our lifetime. At the beginning - and you may have felt the same - we thought: "ok, we'll all quarantine for 2 weeks and then this will all go away". But then 2 weeks turned into 2 months, into the summertime, then into fall and then, well, we're still in it.