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The Gendered Lens of Financial Advice

How Money Tips Differ for Men and Women

In the world of personal finance, advice often carries subtle but significant gender biases, shaping how men and women are instructed to manage their money. These disparities in guidance can reflect broader societal perceptions and stereotypes. Let's delve into some key areas where financial advice tends to diverge based on gender.

"Frivolous" Spending, Gendered Double Standard

Ever notice how spending on hobbies like video games or sports tickets rarely gets labelled as frivolous for men? Meanwhile, women might be told that everyday indulgences such as lattes, spa treatments, or getting our nails done are unnecessary or wasteful. As if there's a different rule book for men and women for what's okay to splurge on. This disparity shines a light on gender bias in how we perceive leisure spending.

Investing vs. Budgeting

Guys often get the green light to dive into investing—building stock portfolios, seeking out investment opportunities. But women? We're often steered towards budgeting and cutting back on shopping sprees or brunch outings. We're encouraged to pinch pennies while guys are told to go after bigger financial goals. This reinforces stereotypes about risk-taking and long-term financial planning.

Risk-Taking Attitudes

Men are frequently encouraged to take financial risks as opportunities for growth, whether it's starting a business or making bold investment moves. On the flip side, women are often advised to play it safe, focusing more on stability and security. This difference in approach can shape our financial paths, limiting opportunities for wealth creation and advancement for women.

Planning for Retirement

When it comes to retirement, advice aimed at women tends to stress thriftiness and caution, leaning heavily on saving diligently and avoiding unnecessary spending. Meanwhile, men might get tips on maximizing investment returns and exploring different retirement funding strategies. It's like the expectations for financial responsibility differ based on gender. This difference underscores underlying assumptions about financial priorities based on gender. 

Language Matters

The language used in financial advice can also reinforce gender stereotypes. Terms like "financial empowerment" or "investment savvy" might seem more geared towards men, while advice for women might stress "budget management" or "financial literacy," reflecting differing expectations and perceived needs of men and women. It's time to rethink these labels and empower everyone to manage their money the way that works best for their financial needs and goals.

Why are these differences important?

Recognizing these disparities in financial advice is crucial for fostering more inclusive and equitable approaches to personal finance. By challenging and reshaping these gendered narratives, we can encourage a more holistic understanding of financial well-being. One that acknowledges diverse financial goals and aspirations irrespective of gender.

What’s Next?

Here at Untangle Money, we've taken all these issues into account with the Untangle Money MINI. We designed it to give women the financial guidance they need to make the best decisions for themselves - while leaving all the judgement at the door.

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